Bet365 Poker

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Bet365 has been around since 1974 and is huge in the world of sports betting. They also opened their doors to poker since early 2004, after which they have experienced steady growth. Bet365 is making a significant effort to capture the Scandinavian market, with a variety of special offers and events. In addition to the entire iPoker Networks' normal tournaments, Bet365 has also continued to push freerolls and played up to its widespread popularity. Every month, Bet365 guarantees a minimum of $12,500,000 in prize money in their scheduled tournaments and this incredible sum is growing all the time.

Bet365 also offers a very interesting monthly bonus, where every player can earn an unlimited number of bonus dollars, every month and $10 is awarded for every 1,000 points you play, up to a maximum of $300. The bonus is based on your VIP level and the number of merit points accumulated the previous month. Every Monday, all bonuses are doubled. For example, if you collect 5,000 Merit points the first week, you will receive $50 bonus dollars as well as an extra $50 which is placed into your account on the Monday.

VIP players are also offered Cashback if they rack up a certain number of Merit points, or they can opt to receive tokens for the various tournaments. Overall, Bet365 is a very pleasant online poker site, which we strongly recommend. As it is partly within the EU, thus being tax free, they also offer deposits and withdrawals direct to your bank account.

Software and graphics

Bet365 has chosen a cool and calm colour scheme for their poker tables. The background likens wooden flooring and the poker table is in a clear green. It might not be the most pleasant to look at, but it works well over the long term as the colour scheme was thoughtfully selected. The lobby takes the traditional route, allowing you to see plenty of information about the tables. Average pots, number of players per flop and hands played per hour can be easily glimpsed, making it easy to find a good table. One popular feature is the ability to host a private poker table, where you can decide the bets, kind of game and whether it should be a cash game, Sit & Go or another tournament.

Games and numbers of players

As Bet365 is part of the iPoker network, they obviously benefit from a good number of players. It is not unusual to see more than 10,000 players logged in at peak times. The games offered are Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7-Card Stud and 5-Card Stud The limits vary to suit all tastes, from $0.05/$0.10 for both Fixed and No-Limit games, up to $100/$200 for Fixed and $200/$400 for No-Limit ones. There are tables for 2 (heads-up), 6 (shorthanded) or 10 players. For those who enjoy quick games, the Turbotable has a 7 second limit for players to decide their move.


The majority of tournaments are very large and you can find something for everyone. Freezeout and Rebuy tournaments are offered, with buy ins varying from $1 to several hundred dollars. Currently, Omaha and 5-Card Stud are also offered in tournaments, in addition to Hold'em. Of course, there are a number of freerolls to choose from every day, with pots of $200 or $1,000. The Sit & Go section offers an amazing selection, with simple single table tournaments from $0.75 to $100, multi-table tournaments with 15 or 20 players, buy ins from $2 up to $50, as well as heads-up tables where the buy in can vary from $1 to $200. They also have something called Rounders, where you can play at different levels. The buy in for Round 1 is $5, with first and second placed players moving to Round 2, where the buy in is $25. This is repeated until Round 5, where the buy in is $550 and first place wins a pot of $3,000. Instead of progressing through the rounds, players are also able to buy in at any Round they choose.

Technical support

Customer services can be reached over the telephone or email and they also offer a ring-back service where you can email your telephone number and they will call you back. It is a very slick service and makes things easier. The site also offers a useful FAQ where it is easy to find answers, as well as understand them.

Email support:

Deposit and withdrawal options

Deposits: Bank transfer, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard, cheque.
Withdrawals: Bank transfer, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard, cheque.
Minimum deposit: $20


The ability to make withdrawals straight to your bank account
Limits to suit every player
A lobby that shows players/flop and average pots
Sit & Go for only a $0.75 buy in
Many free tournaments
The ability to play in up to 4 tables simultaneously


Slightly worse traffic at the higher tables
The statistics function is somewhat limited