This is an old review. 24hpoker has shut down and no longer offers poker.

After its introduction, 24hPoker experienced a difficult time with relatively few players. This changed in 2004, especially during the autumn, when 24hPoker grew approximately 50%. 24hPoker is part of Swedish company, 24hPoker AB, which also offers sports betting and a casino. 24hPoker AB is also behind B2B, the network that includes 24hPoker and which is growing steadily as more and more poker rooms sign up. Most of its players come from Scandinavia, with Sweden contributing the majority, although more and more players from abroad are visiting the site.

Software and graphics

The client is developed in Java and offers a clean and pleasant graphical interface. The lobby is free of a lot of the mess that can be found in other clients, making it much easier to navigate. The lists show how many players are partaking, on average, in each pot, together the average pot size. The tables follow the same clean design found in the lobby, eschewing avatars and so forth, instead focusing directly on the game. Apart from the usual 10 and 6 player tables, you can find 8 player tables that provide more action, whilst still maintaining the feel of a full table. The client features a host of useful functions and it is clear that they have designed everything with the players in mind. One of the best features is being able to check what your ranking is during a tournament, as well as seeing the lowest, average and largest stakes. Those who enjoy playing with several windows open may find it less than ideal, as playing in any other window other than the main window seems to create problems.

Games and numbers of players

It is not uncommon to find over 2,000 players logged in at any time, with the majority playing Texas Hold’em. Although Texas Hold’em is the most popular game at 24hPoker, the site also has the highest traffic in the world for Draw poker. 5-Card Stud is another popular game, whilst one can also generally find players playing 2-7 3-Draw. In addition, the site offers Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7-Card Stud and 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo. Many of the players enter the site from 24hPoker’s partner sites focusing on betting, which means the site often has a lot of beginners. Hands are often decided with several players still in the pot, figures of 40-50% are not unusual and it is not hard to find even higher ones.


As the majority of players are from Europe, the tournaments are also scheduled to start according to their timezones. Most of the popular tournaments are scheduled for the evening. All the games offered as cash-games can also be found as tournament games. The site offers both satellites to live tournaments and tournaments to guaranteed pots.

Technical support

Technical support is offered over the telephone and via email. However, the email option can occasionally be a bit slow to respond.

Deposit and withdrawal options

Deposits: Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, bank transfer
Withdrawals: Bank account, Neteller, Visa, Mastercard, cheque.
Minimum deposit: €20


Punctual tournaments
Offers 5-Card Stud
The world leader in Draw poker
Clean and pleasant client
Technical support in Swedish


Low traffic in some games
Does not work well in more than one window