Free Poker

Close-up of a winning poker hand and poker chips in a game of free poker.

The majority of poker rooms on the internet currently offer a number of different ways of playing poker for free. However, they are managed in different ways. Either you play with “pretend money”, often called play money or fun money, or you can choose to play in tournaments where it is free to participate but the prizes up for grabs are in real money – the so-called freerolls.

Playing with play money can be good when you are learning how the game works. It is also a good way to get to know the poker room’s software. Therefore, we always recommend you begin by making use of the free poker.

Free poker with real prizes

The bad thing about playing free poker with pretend money is the fact that people tend not to take it seriously. They bet larger amounts and play more aggressively or loose than they would if their actual money was at stake. This is why the other form of free poker is a better way to learn how the game works online.

By playing in freerolls, you create the possibility of winning real money. It is not unusual for the prize money to be a respectable amount. As the prize money up for grabs is real, people play significantly more realistically and tightly.

It is not always possible to take part in freerolls, as sometimes you have to have played a certain number of hands before you are eligible to take part.

Therefore, freerolls that lack this requirement are an excellent way to play poker for free, where you can simply learn the game without risking any money.