No Limit Beginner’s Strategy

If you have AA, KK or QQ, put all your money in. If you have a smaller pair, try to get into the hand as cheaply as possible (say, no more than four times the big blind) and, if you flop three of a kind, bet all you have. There you are. That’s it. Not very interesting, is it? But, believe it or not, there are players using just this strategy, and they are winning. Why? Because most other players get impatient.

Your opponents will spot what you’re up to

Instruction for poker strategy with poker chips floating around

Now, mathematically, and in a good game, this is not clever play and it won’t be winning play. You will often be putting in a lot of money just to win the blinds (your opponents will have spotted what you are up to) and then, one night, your QQ will find a KK and you will lose your entire stack.

Luckily, there are a lot of bad players out there who will be playing when drunk, or eating a kebab, or playing at an online casino at the same time. The losses to you by these players, who call your massive raise even though they only have Ace-Ten suited, will easily make up for your small losses.

No Limit Beginner’s Strategy works againts weak players

However, if you choose to play this way, you must admit to yourself that you are doing it because you are scared of having to make a difficult decision after the flop. Real winning poker is about making difficult decisions, and about making correct ones more often than incorrect ones. Or, to put it another way, making fewer mistakes than your opponent.

The beginners’ strategy in Texas No Limit Hold’em will work at the very low levels against very weak (or very drunk) opponents. But it won’t work against other experienced players.

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