Online Poker

Online poker is a phenomenon that has, in recent times, grown exponentially in every way. The number of players, places to play in and turnover are all areas where online poker has made huge strides. The concept simply constitutes playing poker on the internet with the help of a software client, or directly in your browser. Online Poker offers all the different kinds of poker games, as well as a vast variety of playing forms, such as tournaments, one-on-one games, quick games and freerolls.

Online Poker has also made it possible for the boundary between playing at the professional level or at the amateur level to be erased. It is now completely possible for beginners to go far in any of the larger tournaments. By being promoted into the big live tournaments through smaller, online tournaments, there are now really no limits to how far an amateur player can go.

The difference between online poker and live games

In terms of the game forms and rules, playing poker on the internet is actually just like sitting down with your friends or going to a casino. The biggest difference is that you cannot see your opponents. This is a disadvantage that many find significant. Many players have honed their ability to read their opponents through so-called tells. Simply put, they can see, in the way their opponents behave, what kind of hands they are holding. This is impossible in online poker as you are unable to physically see your opponent.

Another big difference is the number of hands you have time to play. On the internet, everything takes place at speed and the cards are dealt as soon as a hand is finished. The number of games per hour is therefore significantly higher than in live games. This means that the tactics for online poker are slightly different.