Freerolls are a version of poker tournaments that have become very popular. The main reason for this is obviously that the tournament is free to enter, but the prizes offered are real money. A true freeroll has no requirements for allowing you to participate, although most poker rooms now do have some sort of requirement to fulfil. For example, the requirement may be that you have played a certain number of hands in a certain timeframe, or that you have earned enough points in the site to be able to “pay” your participation. We have chosen to include both true and “fake” freerolls in the list. Fake freerolls are tournaments that do not cost money to enter, but demand you fulfil some requirement, therefore they are not completely free. You can check any requirements in the “Requirements” column.

Choose the options from the drop down menus below in order to narrow down the kinds of freerolls to be shown. All starting times are shown in Swedish local time.