A satellite can be a cheap way to get to play in tournaments that you may otherwise be unable to afford. The way a satellite works is that the prize is normally a seat at a more expensive tournament. One example is a tournament where the first prize is a seat at the WSOP and it costs $250 to take part. A satellite thus gives you the chance to win a seat in the $250 tournament. A normal buy in for a satellite in this case may be $10, with a winning place for every 25th player, or $25 where every 10th player gets a place.

Chris Moneymaker is the best known satellite winner. He won a satellite to the 2003 WSOP with a buy in of $40. At the WSOP, he beat the other 838 players and took home winnings of $2,500,000. Many people think that Chris Moneymaker’s story is one of the reasons that poker has become so popular – i.e. he proved that even an amateur can win a big tournament, and getting in cheaply, too.

What are the Different Types of Satellites?

There are many different types of satellites available online and live, depending on the poker site or casino you choose. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Satellites where you can win a tournament package to a live event. The tournament package often includes purchases for a large live tournament, accommodation and travel money.
  • Satellites where you can win a ticket to a major live or online tournament.
  • Step satellites: These are satellites that have multiple levels or stages, and each level offers tickets to the next level or the target event. They are flexible and convenient, but also require more time and money. For example, you can play a $1 step satellite where you can win a $5 ticket to a satellite at level two. In the satellite at level two you can win a $20 ticket to the level three satellite worth $50. In the level three satellite you can win a ticket to the satellite final where you can win a tournament package to a big live event worth $1000.

How to Find the Best Satellites?

The best way to find the best satellites is to do some research and compare different poker sites and casinos and what they offer.